Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mmm Marsala

Marsala Bouquet

Marsala, the much-talked-about Color of the Year from the color experts at Panetone (, is that rusty wine colored liquid that is the main ingredient in chicken marsala. Some people aren't happy with what they consider a dull color. Granted, the Panetone version of marsala definitely has some brown undertones, much more than my bouquet pictured above. However, like the Italian wine it is named after, there are a range of hues in the marsala family from more golden to ruby shades.
Having already confessed my love of earth tones, you won't be surprised to learn that I like the marsala pick quite a bit.  While I tend toward the more ruby side of this spectrum, I find the color to be warm, lush, and somehow comforting (not unlike a good glass of wine). I can see it as the main color in designs or as a side note. Either way, I expect marsala to find its way into many of my jewelry designs this year.  
Here's the first one for 2015.

Salute Marsala!
Marsala's charms