Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We all start somewhere

I've been avoiding writing a blog for a number of years even though I knew it was limiting my participation in the online jewelry/beading community. For a couple of years I've had a Face Book page for my jewelry projects ( )  and hoped that would suffice. Nope, I just can't be a part of the communities I want to without having a blog. There's nothing wrong with blogging mind you. It's just that mostly I would prefer to spend my rather limited time (whose time isn't limited?) creating jewelry or looking at all the AMAZING talent out there on the world wide web. All that talent has me vacillating between being inspired and intimidated, which is another good reason to not have a blog.

So why now? I crave the community of jewelry artisans and learning to use social media is required for me to really join in. B'Sue's Boutique, an awesome online jewelry supply site, ( )is sponsoring a three month challenge in which the participants create the prototype for a "line" or collection of their jewelry. The challenge features coaching, feedback and all around helpful advice to artisans who are looking to expand their repertoire and want to develop a cohesive look to their work. And guess what? You have to have a BLOG to participate.

So, here I am launching my blog just as we turn the calendar page to 2015. I intend to blog mostly about my jewelry adventures, starting with the Build a Line Design Challenge. (Much more about that later). I can't promise that I won't also write about food, a good book I've read, the incredible natural beauty of the great state of Maine or some other thing that catches my fancy. And there will be pictures, lots of them. ( I'll try not to bore you with  all my tribulations of setting up even the most basic of blogs. But when you see Set up Your Blog in 20 Minutes don't believe it for a second!)

I hope you will join me as I venture into the blogosphere and that we'll enjoy each other's company for some time to come.

Adventure on!



  1. Good work Nadine.the blog looks great and I can hear your authentic voice throughout your writing.

  2. Mary, thanks so much for your comment and your help with this! I plan to keep learning and improving it! HNY!!

  3. Nadine .. loved your post and looking forward to many more

  4. Thanks Jann! I'm glad to have it up and running! HNY!

  5. AWESOME, you did well. Try to blog every day or two about something....anything.....and get comfortable with this. If you want to sell your jewelry online, people want to know you. A blog really helps that happen, Facebook pages help too, but a blog is a very personal way to talk to a group of people including photos. You can only say so much in a Facebook block. Have you learned how to load photos, Nadine? Remember, photos are really important on a blog. People have short spans of attention. Start with a photo if you possibly can!

    1. Brenda, Thanks for your helpful comment and constant cheer leading! I think I can do photos and will for future posts! I couldn't have gotten this far without Mary and Tammy's help. But I feel like I've already succeeded at the first step of this challenge! :-)

  6. Replies
    1. Awww, thanks! It is great to have the support of my fiends! Happy New Year!